Welcome to Voidnot

We're expanding the void, but enjoy what's already here.
You can use our CRP module to keep track of your expenditures as well as the money that you have spent on them. You can find an overview of all current and upcomming features of the voidnot CRP. Note however that we're still developing and the current state of the website is nothing more than a minimal product. But we're adding more and more features and are looking forward to your feedback

You can use the CRP mdoule to keep track of your invoice as a customer. You can search your invoices based on the date or shop. Voidnoit uses advanced OCR recognition to scan all of your invoices so that all data present on paper is digitalized and searchable.
We aim to keep track of a full database of all products ever sold in the world. We're starting a bit smaller of course but our goal is nontheless to keep track of all products and their prices. Not only giving you insight in the evolution of the consumer prices but also to get alerts if something happens to a price
The CRP module is a shared multitennant. You can thus use thedatabase of voidnot itself to scan your invoices and receipts. But you can also add your own products and companies to the system to keep track of things we've missed or to use your own naming. You are thus at free liberty on how you use our systems.

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